MO TWISTER answered RHIAN RAMOS’ Interview with Pia Guanio.

The latest news on Mo Twister came from New York City in the form of a letter addressed to PEP, where he refuted the “harassment” and “threats” claims of Rhian Ramos’s camp.

“If I were so threatening in the past and so abusive, then there should have not been any reason that after our brief break-up in April, that we would have sustained a relationship until October.”

“I DID NOT upload the video that spoke of the abortion we went through.”

“I am also appalled that she denied any knowledge of the existence of the video when she knows that I physically gave her a copy in front of your mother and lawyers in May and even before that, we watched it together.”

“To be honest, the only time I have been insulted throughout this recent ordeal was when I believe Atty. Gozon said in an interview that I am out to ruin Rhian’s career.

“And that this is all ‘ungentlemanly.’

“Perhaps he hasn’t lost innocent children. As a parent, if that happens to him (knock on wood), I assume he won’t take it lightly and that career should not be the focus of any his statements—as ungentlemanly as that may sound.”
-source PEP

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