Since I am not still allowed to travel overseas just yet.  I decided to ask my brother to bring me to the mall. So I could do some people watching and see if I could take pictures again.

 Please comment on the pictures I took last Saturday.
I am like a pendulum ha ha ha! I should use a tripod next time!
 Advance Merry Christmas to all of you!

I hope you like my Santa Pictures and I made you smile and be nostalgic about Christmas even for a while and maybe you could include me in your prayers. I wish I will be 100% healthy again.

I do not wish for material things anymore I want to have peace on earth, good health and happiness for each and everyone of us.

 Please be kind to everyone, let us remove hatred from our hearts.
 I hope there would be no violence in the whole wide world.

I would like to ask for forgiveness to all the people I’ve offended if there’s any and I hope you’ll find forgiveness in your heart. It is not anymore a case who offended who. Let us pray for one another. Peace on earth.

 I love this lamps!
 Merry Christmas everyone! A Christmas hug to each and everyone of you!
Photography by Cha Sy

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