Rhian Ramos, Traumatized by Mo Twister’s Revelations

Rhian Denise Ramos Howell or Rhian Ramos in the Philippine Showbiz Scene was born on the 3rd of October, 1990 in Makati City, Philippines. She is recognized as one of the next biggest thing in the biz. She is half British and half Filipina.
Rhian Ramos has not yet issued an official statement so far regarding the controversial leaked video showing Mo Twister lamenting about her alleged “abortion.” The said video titled “RepairedMovie” which was uploaded on YouTube exploded on blogs and social networking sites over the weekend.

Rhian was traumatized according to GMA News, that’s why she refused to grant an interview to the Kapuso showbiz talk show Startalk TX. However, Rhian said she will break her silence one of these days.

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