• How to become a Privilege Card Holder

    1. Every Passenger or non-passenger may avail of the Privilege Card.
    2. Privilege Card is available in all Zest Air ticket outlets, booking office, in flight and other Zest Air Business partners.
    3. Membership fee is P300.00
• Rewards / Benefits in become a Privilege Card Holder

    1. 10% discount on purchase of Regular Fare Tickets.
    2. 10% discount on (un-accompanied) cargo
    3. 50% discount on regular ticket on travel during birth-month.
    4. 5% to 10% discounts from established Zest Air partners and merchants.
• Terms and Conditions:

    1. An individual may apply to be a member of Privilege Card Program from any authorized Zest Air personnel and outlets.
    2. Temporary cards will be issued upon completion of the application form and payment of the membership fee of P300.00
    3. The permanent membership card will be picked up within a period of two (2) months in Zest Air offices.
    4. The Privilege card is non-transferable and is valid for one (1) year upon date of membership.
    5. Card member may immediately avail of the applicable discounts after payment of the same.
    6. Fare discounts are only applicable in all domestic routes.
    7. Members availing of the Fifty percent (50%) birthday discount must present valid ID showing proof of birth-date when purchasing a ticket.
    8. The 50% birthday discount will only apply on the birth-month of the passenger.
    9. Tickets issued using the Voyager Card are refundable and rebookable but with corresponding penalty charges.
    10. There is no limit on the usage per day for the 10% discount only.
    11. The Privilege Card must be presented at all times when making a purchase to avail of the benefits.
    12. The card may not be replaced once lost or damaged. A new application will be required from a member for lost or damaged card.

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