Puerto Prinsesa Underground River Park Entry Requirements

Puerto Prinsesa Underground River Park Entry Requirements:

1. VISITOR ENTRY- All persons are required to secure a Visitor Entry Permit (VEP) at the Underground River Information and Booking Office before entering the PPSRNP. Permit forms should be accomplished clearly in writing indicating the name of visitor, place of visit, purpose of visit, date of visit;

2. PERMITS – Management strictly enforces a “No Permit, No Entry” policy. Permits shall be issued only upon payment of the necessary entrance fees. Permits issued shall indicate the details of visitor entry.

3. GROUP TOURS – Groups of more than forty (40) people are required to secure bookings at least three (3) days before the planned visit or may be refused entry to the Park.

4. NON-TRANSFERABLE – Permits are non-transferable and may be only used by the person whose name appears on the permit.

5. CONFIRMATION – Visitors are required to confirm tour by registering at Sabang InformationOffice not less than thirty (30) minutes prior to the schedule of tour indicated on the permit. Failure to arrive on time may result in the cancellation of space reserved;

6. VISITOR ACCESS – Visitors shall have access only to areas and time indicated in the permit. Proper arrangements should be made with Management for visits to additional places not indicated in permit or for visits beyond regular office hours;

7. REFUNDS – Permits paid for but not used on date as indicated may be refunded or rebooked to another date only upon payment of a 10% surcharge;

8. SUBJECT TO SEARCH – The Park reserves the right to search the visitor and his luggage for any prohibited materials or items;

9. LIABILITY – The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park will not be liable for any loss or damage to property or personal belongings of visitors, nor to the injury or death due to accidents that may be fall to visitors during their stay in the Park;

10. RECOGNITION- Proper acknowledgement shall be accorded to the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park by any producer of film or video documentary conducted inside the Park.

Prohibited Acts

Pursuant to R.A. 7586, the following acts are considered a crime and punishable by law:

* Hunting , destroying, disturbing or more possession of any plant or animal products derived there from without permit, specifically authorizing such activity;

* Dumping or otherwise disposing of any waste detrimental to the protected area or to the plants and animals or inhabitants therein;

* Use of any motorized equipment without permit;

* Mutilating, defacing or destroying objects of natural beauty, or burial grounds, religious sites, artifacts or other objects belonging to the cultural communities;

* Damaging and leaving roads and trails in damaged condition;

* Squatting, mineral exploration, or otherwise illegally occupying the land;

* Constructing or maintaining any kind of structure, fence or enclosures and conducting business enterprise without a permit;

* Leaving in exposed or unsanitary condition, refuse or debris, or disposing wastes in bodies of water;

* Altering, removing destroying or defacing boundary marks or signs.

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