“Hindi sa tala sa langit, kundi sa pulang buwang nakasilip, ibigay ang hiling ng matang nakapikit..”

Namumula ang buwan kani-kanina laang!

Nag astringent! O ha! Ha ha ha!

Astronomy fans in the Philippines were able to catch the rare celestial spectacle moment-live.

Madaming kapuyaters ang sumaksi sa lunar eclipse kaninang madaling araw!

At wala na akong nagawa, naging Diyosa na ako ng masinagan ng namumula-mulang buwan!

This year’s first total lunar eclipse, when all or part of the sun’s light is blocked from the moon, took place Thursday, June 16, 2011 for 100 minutes.

It was the longest lunar eclipse in more than a decade and the ash and sulfur gas floating in the atmosphere from the Chilean volcano could have cause the moon to glow bloody red.

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