I am on the road to recovery!

God will restore my good health. I might be under repair right now but I know my God will give me total healing! And I won’t listen to demons and bitches who wants me broken forever. Everybody is born into this world with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Everybody is different and have their own difficulties and problems to overcome as well as their own strengths to let shine. So don’t malign people with disabilities, you never know if you’re next.

Everyone does not get the same fair chance at life. So please don’t slap it on other people’s faces. Be fair. Be tactful.

Life would be terrible if everybody started with the exact same parameters. It would not be dynamic and would lack growth, challenges and purpose.

The purposeful world, however, is completely diverse and allows for growth in a number of different areas. Somebody born blind has their own set of difficulties to overcome while somebody born with AIDS has their own challenges.

People are equal in the sense that everyone should be treated with respect and proper courtesy, they are not equal in the sense that they should all live the same life as somebody else. The degree of one being much harder than the other one that it now becomes a tragedy and unfair.

People should approach adversity and suffering head on as this is a chance for growth and self mastery. How do you know good without bad? How do you know light without darkness? It is through this contrast of adversity that we can become closer to God and achieve a mastery as perfect as His.

‘Can you walk?’ ‘Can you sit?’ ‘Can you stand?’ That’s great!

So go out and be thankful for everything you have and look forward to taking on the troubles of the world as they will provide growth and development for your Spirit. After all, this is your only life!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends, family and readers who always read my post.

God bless us all! Hugz everyone!

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