I survived brain aneurysm

I find brain aneurysm almost unique in its ability to strike like lightning, without rhyme or reason, and too often without mercy.

When the cerebral artery bursts and causes brain hemorrhage, sudden death may result.

1/3rd of people with ruptured aneurysm die before they get to the hospital.

1/3rd die after they get to the hospital.

1/3rd survive after they get to the hospital. Of these, 40% end up with neurological problems that make life difficult.

The mortality rate following a rupture aneurysm is about 60 percent, and another 25 percent die from complications

For those whose precious lives are snuffed out in a brief moment, and whose loved ones’ lives are dramatically altered forever by the same event, there seems to be no justice that I can comprehend.

For those fortunate enough to survive the rupture, a battle begins for the amount and quality of life that can be recaptured. Your doctors and nurses are only one part of your armor.

The key to your victory, your healing, is your will, not only to survive, but to conquer.

Mental positivity and for some, spirituality, along with a focus on personal health and well being like not smoking, a nutritious diet, lots of sunlight, and a regular exercise program, a strong social support network like relatives or friends in a social circle are all critical.

Do not be burdened by statistics. Every battle is unique and, if fought well, won.  


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I am presently recuperating from my operation and I am glad about the progress I am making. My left eye still has no vision. I still could not walk. But my doctors assured me that I will be back to my normal self in 6 months to 1 year, not 100% though. But within that time, I will have my eyesight back and I can walk already.

The doctors said that I was very lucky. I escaped death by a hairline. My aneurysm ruptured last January 18, 2011. I never knew that I had aneurysm until that fateful night, when I lost consciousness inside the toilet. My left eye might have hit the lavatory. And the pail of hot water that I was supposed to use might have spilled, thereby causing a huge 2nd degree burn on my left thigh.

When I regained consciousness, I tried calling for help from my house boy downstairs but he did not respond to my cry for help. Maybe you can call it a miracle. I was able to walk from the toilet towards my room and made it to my bed. I had the worst headache ever and I kept on vomiting.

I then sent text messages to my cousins since I don’t have my parents with me anymore. They have both passed away. But my cousin said he couldn’t contact his driver.  So I was bought to the hospital only the following day by another cousin. Lucky me! According to statistics 1/3 of those who had a ruptured aneurysm died within 3 hours.

A CT Scan was performed and a lot more medical procedures were done. Then I was brought via emergency ambulance to UST Hospital where a brain aneurysm coiling operation was performed by 2 neurosurgeons assisted by a cardiologist, an anesthesiologist and some nurses last January 22, 2011.

Since returning home to our townhouse in Manila, I kept on going back to my doctors for follow-up check ups and I was not allowed to go back home to the province just yet. 

So what would an active travel blogger like me do at home since I cannot walk or see yet from my left eye?

82 thoughts on “I survived brain aneurysm

  1. Its good to have internet on your side while recovering. It would have been much worst if you just sit or lay on your bed all day long with nothing to do. Thanks to Smart we could keep in touch with you. God Bless Sis … lets lakwatsa again after you recover πŸ™‚

  2. hi cha. didnt know this til i read your blog. your blessed that you survived. thanks God your recovering now. kaya palan mayo ako nahihiling na mga photos mo sa fb.

    i hope you can go back again to what you do best.. travel blogging.

  3. It's God's will that you've survived. I know in this present time, miracle really happens. God has still a plan for you. Just do what He please. You could detect by listening to His still small voice. Your conscience will tell you how. Be sensitive with the promptings of the Holy Spirit. God bless and may you recuperate fast.

  4. oh God thanks youre ok now I never knew about this before, I also knew other blogger that cause her to stay in bed also but she is now okay, gosh I missed that smart gold plan, I bought dual sim phone just to use it and now it is expired

  5. Aneurism can be survived if detected early. I know of someone who did. Sadly, my stepfather did not but everything is in God's hands so we do not question that. You're young. Surviving that makes you value life more than ever, I'm sure.

  6. lol. I thought the article was for PR purposes only coz at the very end of the sentence, there's a promotion of a product. but God always bless you

  7. it is a miracle to survive aneurysm .thank God first then the doctors and the money.It happened 1 year ago and you are well and kicking and ready to travel again. Praise God!

  8. Oh yeah. Good you recovered so fast. Brain aneurysm is a serious case and can be a life threatening condition. Anyway, kailangan ko ng Smart bro thingy na yan para I can blog anywhere I want to. Yung Globe ko kasi palpak. Haha. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh my! That was a scary experience! One of the disadvantages of living alone. πŸ™ Nako! I cannot believe you were only rushed to the hospital the next day pa! It really was a great miracle that you survived. Keep safe and hope you fully recover!

  10. Oh my! Nag goosebumps naman ako..I'm happy that you survived and hoping that you fully recover. Smartbro din po gamit ko ung wimax 999 :))) Take care!!!

  11. seriously? my brother's yaya went through the same situation. fully recovered na siya at nagtatrabaho siya ngayon sa isang school sa Bicol.

    im sure you will be fine. thank you God.

  12. Thanks kay! I am hoping for a full recovery. I am trying my best to be normal as possible. I still have difficulty catching up with my old lifestyle. My doctor said I would never be 100% anymore. But I believe in my GOD that God would restore my health that he would make me 100% again.

  13. 3 of hubby's family member also suffered from brain aneurysm. It's the cause of his granpa's death, the half stroke of his young cousin and half stroke also of one of his uncle. I'm always praying that no member of my family will inherit that including hubby.

    I will include your fast recovery to my prayers…

    It's funny because you still manage to advertise SMARTBRO inspite of your condition…hehehe…SMARTBRO must pay you for that.

  14. Bernie my neurosurgeon said my aneurysm is genetics. I hope and pray with you too that your family would not inherit the aneurysm.

    Thank you for praying with me too for my full recovery.

    Yeah, I did not get anything for advertising them. As in Nada, zero! I joined the contest of nuffnang and lost. No prize not even an all text twenty. Hayz! Those telcos even ate my prepaid loads by the thousands hays. NTC should protect ordinary consumers and ask those telcos to return our hard-earned money.

  15. its a very delicate and expensive operation… was it already leaking when they do the surgery? hope you recovered fully now… life has it's reasons… so make the full out of it. Yahweh bless.

  16. That is so true sir Ralph it's very expensive πŸ™ mine cost my family more than a million pesos. We actually still have debts because of that. Yes it was already leaking when I got operated. I never thought I had aneurysm. We only found out after I fainted.

  17. God is so good! I just recently found out that my heart has been slightly broken. Most probably broken all along. But there is a good news . They can still fix it. I still want to have a normal life. God bless you!

  18. At one point, I was at the edge of my seat because your description of your ordeal was just too graphic. I was almost irritated that your houseboy was not able to hear you. Wow, imagine surviving that. God is indeed good! Then I found it highly amusing on how you were able to transition onto the SmartBro plug. Cute, LoL. hope your eye is better, Cha! And take care of yourself.

  19. Thank you so much May my eyes can see now but still has clouds. In time it will be back to normal, I thank God for my second life sana yun mga pasaway like Bien Nonoy wag na lang mag comment nakakairita lang bawal pa naman akong ma stress πŸ™

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