Calanggaman Island

The beautiful hidden beauty of Calanggaman Island
Woooooaaaahhh! That was my first reaction when I saw the pix taken by Tito Gerry Ruiz in Leyte! 
He said that it’s the next big tourist destination in Leyte!

He said that we should savor it while the crowds have not discovered it yet and Mother Nature still rules.

He described it as paradise, unspoilt and has crystal clear waters plus white powdery sand. Calanggaman Island is located roughly 15 kms. off the coast of Palompon, Leyte on the western side, between Leyte and Cebu. It’s one (1) hour ride by pumpboat from Palompon. The island is being managed by Palompon Local Government Unit (LGU).

They took a big pumpboat which was a good thing as the water started to get rough 10 minutes away from Palompon’s pier. It was an hour trip – a rough ride most of the time, but nothing to be scared of. It was a “normal” thing,” as one of the boat’s crew members sheepishly remarked.
The island is still bare although there are now few structures built on it.
Like Calaguas Group of Islands in Camarines Norte, there are no provisions for accommodation/ overnight stay in the island.

Those who would like to stay overnight must bring a tent with them.
There are a couple of picnic kiosks for rent, with tables and chairs.
There is a public restroom.
Be forewarned though that there are no commercial stores or restaurants there. 
So one has to bring his or her own food and water.
There is no electricity in the island but we were told that it now has battery-powered lights at night and that solar panels, which could charge the batteries, have just arrived and would soon be installed.

Mobile phone signal from the main providers is good, so one could still get in touch with the rest of the world.
To those who love taking the less beaten path and being away literally far from it all, nothing can be better than Calanggaman Island.
Photos were taken last February 22, 2011.

Thanks to Nhel Nanquil, DOT Region 8 and the Palompon LGU Tourism Staff.

View hi-res quality slideshow:

For inquiries on how to get there & other travel arrangements, contact  Ludette Ruiz or call (053) 321-7966 & 523-7966

40 thoughts on “Calanggaman Island

  1. never been in Leyte which is fortunately my mother's hometown. but seeing this island gives me an idea to visit the place soon?????

  2. With all the beauty and wonder in the Philippine I really wish to start planning a trip soon. Having a short getaway in any og the places you feature in your blog would surely be a sweet vacation. Great share here.

  3. Awww. Nice place. I bet soon many people will go and see it. I could remember the first time I went in Anawangin many years ago, it wasn't popular then so we were only few on the island. It was majestic. Then, the second time I went there, it was already creating a buzz online. Daming tao so daming kalat. 🙁 Sad but true. There are perks of being discovered but there are also downsides. Sana lang di na tayo magkalat..

  4. The pop up thing that you've been complaining about has a close button on top of it. You can click it everytime you visit my aite. Sorry if it pissed you off but I have no plan of removing them 🙂 Tsaka okay lang if di ka na babalik sa site ko. I got no complains naman from my readers, so far, Hehe. Thanks for the comment..

    Anyway, I'd love to visit the place you've featured in this post. 🙂

  5. Kailan pa kaya ako makapunta uli sa lugar na mainit, na may maputing buhangin, coconut trees at iba pa? Hmmm siguro pag-umi na ako diyan. 🙂 Everytime I saw a picture like in your post. I fall in love in 60 seconds.

  6. Parang di sa Pinas ha! Sana ma preserve yung place at di abusohin kasi it is a paradise talaga. My father's side is from Leyte so I am hoping to visit this place if I got time. Ganda! Pang world class!

  7. HONESTLY? I fell in love with the face! While reading your post, i fell even more! No accommodations yet? It seems I wanna fly right away there and enjoy the swimming free and have fun the beautiful scenery! Thanks for sharing! <3


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