Quan Ju De Peking Roast Duck Restaurant

Quan Ju De is a well known local restaurant chain that specializes in Peking duck.  We went to Quan Ju De Restaurant on November 24, 2010, Houhai location, for Gracie’s birthday.
Address: Xicheng District, No. 57 Dianmen Street (Di An Men Da Jie)
Address (Chinese): 西城区地安门大街57号 (荷花市场) 什刹海体校内
Phone: (010) 66171570
The bus driver dropped us off at Lotus Lane (He Hua Shi Chang) in Houhai. Walk north along the west side of the lake (the lake should be on your right).  The very nice guard/ soldier nearby ordered one of his men to accompany us there. We passed by many other bars and restaurants. Quanjude restaurant is near the end of the row, on your left.
We were delighted when we learned that this particular branch of Quan Ju De  throws in a complimentary cultural performance every evening at about 7 p.m. Arrive early to secure a table near the stage.
You can check out the surrounding Houhai lake area (plenty of bars and restaurants) before or after dinner too. 

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  1. Cha, this is weird. The last time I did before ako magnap is magcomment dito sa post mong ito. And you know what, the whole time I was sleeping, pinapanaginipan kita na nagtravel ka raw sa place namin and I am your host. Hahaha. Weird. Share ko lang sayo! Hahaha.

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