Yes, kamatis! It is doable! You, yourself and you, beautiful being, could do it by yourself, sans travel agency which charges from P 1,600 to rocket high P 2,500 per application per person basis. Yes, dude! Whether you get a visa or not, you still have to pay P2,500 everytime your visa application is denied. Ouch!

Peace, dear travel agents! I just wanted to share to my readers how they could save some moolah doing it by themselves, but of course, dear friends, you could still opt to get the services of these travel agents. Just choose well. I saw some list of banned travel agents at the Chinese embassy. So please be careful and choose well!

First and foremost, before going to the Chinese embassy you could download the visa application form from

Or you could get a FREE visa form directly at 

Chinese Embassy

2nd Floor World Center Building
330 Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue, Makati City.

Office hours (for giving out queue numbers): 8:00 a.m.-11 a.m. 
The Chinese embassy is located just in front of Mapua Campus corner N. Garcia St., formerly Reposo St. in Makati City opens at 8 in the morning. Thereโ€™s already a long queue by 7:00a.m. So be early! They usually stop giving out numbers at eleven o’ clock in the morning. So better be early ‘coz you will not be allowed to get inside the embassy without the ticket number.

Applying for a Chinese Visa is easy but would require you to have a lot of patience to wait for your turn!

Tourist/L Visa Requirement for China First-Timers (Filipino Citizen):

  1. Original Passport  – please take note that passport must have blank pages and be valid for at least six (6) months before expiration.
  2. A photocopy of your passport’s first page -bio and last page -details of contact person in case of emergency. 
  3. Round-trip plane ticket. If not coming back to the Philippines, you must present an onward flight ticket. e.g China to Hongkong, etc.
  4. Hotel booking or letter of invitation from friend or relative living in China.
  5. NBI Clearance- Original copy, valid for travel abroad.
  6. SSS ID or E-1. Photocopy or a static information or contributions info. May be a print out from SSS online.
  7. Photocopy of your TIN ID and ITR .
  8. Bank certificate. Should have at least 50k  100k (new requirement*)- Should at least be three months old or much better if it is a year old account. Attach the original official receipt for the bank certificate. To be safe, bring your bankbook too.
  9. Certificate of Employment and a photocopy of your company ID.
  10. Accomplished visa application form ( provided at the embassy; may be downloaded too) 
  11. Affix with one passport-sized photo. Photo should be against a light background.
  12. If you have a Chinese name, better practice how to write it, because you could write it in your application form.

Armed with your documents, go to the Chinese embassy early then take a number from the person in charge, if your number is a zillion away, celebrate! Because you could go shopping at nearby Glorietta, and just estimate what time you should go back.  Don’t worry if you miss your turn,  you will always be accommodated at around 5 p.m. after all the numbers are called. Just be there before 5 p.m. with your number.

You need to approach the particular window indicated at the LED signage. Then after submitting all the requirements at the designated window, the interviewer would then review your requirements. They will ask you a few questions, and  if you are qualified then they will tell you how many days you will be allowed to stay in China and give you a pink slip, which means youโ€™ll be getting your visa in 4 days if you will not opt to have it rushed. But if your requirements are lacking , then they will ask you to submit more documents and other requirements they find suitable to ask from you.

A single entry visa is usually given to first timers. Length of stay being given ranges from 7 days, 15 days and 30 days.
Visa fee is Php 1,400 pesos to be paid on the day you claim your visa/passport.

Yes, dude, you have to come back to claim your visa/ passport after 4 days~! So if you don’t have time, just ask your relatives or friends and let them do the lining up and pick up for you! Just make sure that he/she has the money and the pink slip!

You can Contact The Chinese Embassy regarding your Applications by sending your Inquiry by calling their landline: 0063-2-8482395 ( Work Day 09:00 –11:00, 14:00–16:00 )
Or by sendfing a fax:0063-2-8482386Or via Email:


  1. I noticed that one of the requirements is plane ticket. Does it mean that if you are able to show them that you already have a schedule to go to China, you automatically gets approved for a visa? What if they deny you despite the reservation? Sayang ang pera. At any rate, I don't have any plans of going to China unless they give up their claims over our Panatag Shoal and other islands, which are obviously within the Philippine territory.

  2. Awww this came 3 months late. I just availed myself of the services of a travel agency when I applied for my Chinese visa last Jan. But I'll make a mental note of this so next time I could DIY it.

  3. Yay! ang damin naman nung requirements…I am sure wala ako nung iba ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, I had an experience with travel agents when I travel to St. Petersburg…and everything was fine…Hindi lang ako nakapunta ng St. Petersburg gawa ng mga kontrabidang immimgration officer na dalawa ang paningin ….kakainis gumastos pa ako nga more or less 200k tapos in the end I only recovered 1,800 for the travel tax reimbursement…for an applicant na malayo sa manila I guess mas okay kung mag travel agent nalang…

  4. i'm always happy for bloggers who share their visa application experience such as this one. this will help lots of people! makes me feel a bit guilty haha.i have no single visa post on my blog although i have gotten visas to several countries like US, UK, several Schengen countries(Europe), Australia, China, Taiwan (permit) and will do the New Zealand soon. maybe bec i'm a lawyer and visa posts seems like a "job" so i focused on personal and travel posts haha..thanks for sharing…

  5. I wonder if I'll really set a foot in China. It's because there some issue with our country about the Spratly Islands. Anyway, thank you for sharing this great guide on getting a Chinese VISA. This is very straight-forward that everyone can easily follow.

  6. very informative and detailed, pero after reading it, napagod ako…mabuti na lang I have long decided not to travel to places that require a visa. Hahaha

  7. After reading the article on China's incessant claim for Scarborough Shoal this morning, I think I will have to put off my plans for getting a tourist visa for the meantime. I still would love to invade the Great Wall though.

  8. Thanks for this achie! ๐Ÿ˜€ This is definitely helpful 'cause going to an agency can cause a lot of moolah. With this, we get to learn the process na and don't have to spend so much pa! ^^

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