AMANPULO PALAWAN PHILIPPINES- So near and yet so far! Ordinary mortals like you and me could only dream staying in this place which they described as 

A private island, where sea and sky meet as one, where velvet white sand is caressed by the lap of crystal water, where palms bow to vermillion bougainvillea in tropically kissed vegetation, where nature’s hand streaks the sun’s iridescences on its unbridled canvas, where night skies are admired beside the crackle of a ‘tepee’ beach fire, where sleep is submerged in pristine white, where luxury is defined by its earth-given beauty, where peace embraces its island host. This place is Amanpulo, in thePhilippines, a realisation of a dream.

My Lucky friend L is a living testimony that nothing is really impossible in this world! Here is some of her snapshots in AMANPULO…
Amanpulo rests on the Pamalican Island, about 360 kilometers southwest of Manila. Seven square kilometers of reef surround the island.
She took this photo on board a chartered plane that took them to AMANPULO PALAWAN from MANILA.  Guests fly directly to Pamalican Island in a 19-seat, twin engine turboprop, landing at the resort’s private airstrip. Flight time is one hour.
Dry Season usually runs from November to May and the wet season with scattered rain showers from June until October.
Laze around in style
Vermillion bougainvillea
Casitas room
Beach CASITAS one of the 29 Seafront Accomodation
You have a view of the ocean when you eat here.

 Special credits to L Thanks for the wonderful pictures and story! If not for your photos and first hand experience I would not be able to come up with this article my dear friend L.

57 thoughts on “AMANPULO

  1. wow. just wow. i wanna go there! my former boss went there for his girlfriend's birthday. i find it very expensive, pero mukhang worth it naman sa ganda 😀

  2. Mrs. Kolka thanks for appreciating the photos~! A lot of Filipinos are not aware that we have a paradise island in our midst. Pinoys and Pinays out there please travel the Philippines and discover wonderful places in your own land~!

  3. I've heard so many things about this place! Unfortunately, it's super expensive that we can't afford to go to this place at the moment. But we do hope we can travel there some time!

  4. I'm really jealous with the richie rich. Your friend had already went to heaven! Magbababad pa ko ng ilang buwan daily sa monitor ko para maka-save for Amanpulo. When pa kaya ako makapunta diyan. In my dreams!

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