DANAO ADVENTURE One & a Half Day Tour Package

One & a Half Day Tour Package – minimum of 5 persons

for only P2,400.00 per person

Day 1
River Tubing or Kayaking
Rappelling w/ Root climbing
River Trekking

Day 2
Historical Tour
Suislide / Zipline
Wall Climbing

Inclusive of:

Food (1lunch, 1dinner, 1 breakfast & 3snacks)
Park Entrance

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2 thoughts on “DANAO ADVENTURE One & a Half Day Tour Package

  1. hi there. how do you go to EAT Danao if you're coming from Tubigon port? I've been trying to contact Ian as posted on their website but to no avail. You might be my last resort and i really appreciate your help on this. and oh, btw, I already contacted Ms. Lita for our accommodation. very informative blog you have there! Thanks!

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