There are two main ways to go island hopping around HONDA BAY area. 
  1. You can go on an organized tour leaving from Puerto Princesa.
  2. Or just do it by yourself.  

Just be reminded that the HONDA BAY ST. LOURDES WHARF has a cut off time for island hopping set at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon.

Going on a tour will cost you a non-negotiable P 1,100 pesos per person at all travel agencies in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This will include a pick up service from where you stay, boat rentals, snorkeling gear, lunch and entry fees to 3 islands. Note: I learned that rates for package tours also depend on whatever you want for lunch and the rent for the snorkeling gear. So if you’re not picky Php 1,100 it is.
Going on your own will cost you P 1,300 for a boat which can be shared by up to 6 people. The boat can accommodate around 8 pax but their is an additional charge of P 220.00 /pax in excess of 6 persons. The people manning the booth told me you could share the boat with other tourist, yehey that’s good news for us traveler’s on a shoe string!

Add the cost of transport to and from Puerto Princesa ( ask for the rate from your friendly trike driver). Prices can range from PHP 100-400 depending if you’ll ask them to wait for you to finish your island hopping tour.

Sta. Lourdes Wharf is 25 minutes away by hired tricycle or jeepney from downtown PPP. Pumpboat ride from the wharf to the different islands is from 15 to 50 minutes.

If you are two or more the price for doing it by yourself will be somewhat lower than an organized tour. And you will have added flexibility to do what you want – which include going to one or two extra islands for an extra fee.

The bay consists of several islets with shallow reefs bordering fabulous beaches which have become the favorite swimming, snorkeling, and diving destinations of local residents and tourists.

These islets are the following:

  1. Cannon (Cowrie) Island
  2. Bat Island 
  3. Lu-li Island (derived from the word “lulubog-lilitaw”, meaning floating and sinking island, is visible only during low tide)
  4. Meara Marina
  5. Starfish Island (known for its fine white sand and clear water that teems with starfish)
  6. Snake Island (an island with a long stretch of time white sand shaped like a snake)
  7. Pandan Island
  8. SeΓ±orita Island (the breeding site of Lapu-Lapu fish).

Note: Lodging facilities are available for overnight stays in the islands of Meara Marina and Starfish (Sandbar Resort).

The boat rentals at HONDA BAY is very well organized and will not give any problems but trying to find something to eat can be a bigger issue so bring your own baon for lunch and snacks before leaving Puerto Princesa Palawan, if you go on your own.

Since hati kaming dalawa (2) ng friend ko na si Joeriz sa boat P 1,300 divided by 2 = P 650.00 ( sosyal kami nilibre namin tita niya at mga pinsan ha ha ha sila naman nagbaon ng lunch namin pati ng drinks at dala rin namin ang jeep nila kaya may parking fee kaming binayaran na P30.00/ whole day parking na divided by 2 = P15)


Note : Cheaper if madami kayo maghahati!


  1. This is very informative. Thank you. But may I ask, since it'll be my first time in Palawan and we have a very limited time. Is a halfday honda bay island hopping tour be possible? like 6am-12pm? is there a trip schedule? thanks again.

  2. this is very good. this will help me a lot on my second tour to palawan next week. Medyo Tipid mode kasi sa expenses. πŸ™‚


  3. hi, ask ko lang kung my bayad pa ang mga cottages sa honda bay? or kung my mga entrace fee pa sa mga islands para atleast well prepared kami plan kasi namin ng friend ko mg DIY since 2 lang dn naman kami. thanks

  4. Thanks! This is really informative. I'm planning to go to PP this December. Tapos plano ko rin umarkila ng motorcycle para mas makamura. I saw a blog sabi, mga 600 daw per day and makakatawad pa kng mas matagal mo irerent. Ang problem ko n lng is a place to stay. Gusto ko yng may AC, nsa loob ang CR and may WIFI. Any suggestions? yng pinakamura lng sna. πŸ™‚

  5. You have a great blog! very informativE! I have additional question though, I will be travelling on jan 13 and I plan to have a DIY tour. can I have a half day Honda Bay tour on our first day since I will be arriving on PP at 930am? there are only 2 persons travelling though, is it still advisable to have it DIY? Thanks alot!

  6. Sorry for the late reply, I just got back in the country yesterday. Yes, it is possible to DIY HONDA BAY, we started at around 10:30 AM, you could ask the oic @ the boat station to merged you with other tourist so you would save money. When I went there I shared the tab 50-50 with my friend and that comes cheap pa rin, kahit 2 lang kami na nagbayad.

  7. Thank you so much for the information.It helped me answers my worries on how to do DIY travel with my husband since that would be our first trip in Palawan…Just wanna ask, is there a cheap resort in Palawan where my husband and I can stay?…we also would like to try the Honda Bay Tour and The Underground River…do you have any suggestions

  8. The previous message was mine…I would like to ask one more question…We will go to Palawan in February 28…Hindi kaya peak season yung mga time na yan?thanks

  9. hi! this is au.. thanks so much for posting your DIY, this will be very helpful. do you know how much is the accommodation in meara marina and snake island? any contact #? thanks so much!

  10. hi! do you suggest to have the trike driver waiting? say, half day tour? or are tricycles easily available? thanks! πŸ™‚

  11. Hi anonymous! Yes, I do suggest that you have them wait for you, since tricycles were not easily available in that area. Or better yet you ask your trike driver to fetch you and your group at a particular time! Enjoy the PHILIPPINES1!

  12. first time to travel in palawan and i have numerous questions regarding island hopping in honda bay. would want to travel on budget with hub and 2 kids. found most of the answers to my questions here. great post. i feel more confident and more excited now going there. by the way may resto ba sa pandan island? thanks!

  13. hello!just read your blog and i have to say its WONDERFUL..i have a question though..mas maganda ba na magovernight sa sabang after ng underground river tour and leave first thing in the morning to go on city tour for our last day?we are planning on a DIY trip din since 2 lang din kami ng friend ko and its our first time sa puerto princesa

  14. Thank you so much Abby! It is possible for you to go back to PPP after your underground river tour just like how I've done it. I was back in PPP by 3 in the afternoon. But you could also opt to sleep in Sabang so you would have enough time to explore the place. Go to the cave in Sabang they say it was a nice experience. You would not miss much in PPP.The city tour can be done in less than 1 day. Enjoy!

  15. great!!is it okay if we could start our honda bay island tour at 10:30am?..we already have our flights booked on march 7-9 2012..peak season na ba ang march?

  16. Meron po sa Snake island. Mga small turo-turo kaya nagbaon po kami pero may isa pa na maganda doon, may mga bangka na dumadaong at nagbebenta ng fresh catch na pwede ninyo ipaluto sa small eatery around snake island. Super mura ang fish! Sa P20.00 dami na! Saan ka pa? ;)) Enjoy!

  17. hello po! ako ko lang. I will be arriving in PP at around 12:30 pm.. Is it still possible for me to have the honda bay island hopping on that day?

  18. I've never been to Palawan. There was this guy who invited me to visit the place all expenses paid and in return I shall write about the place. Now I am more tempted to say "yes" but I will reserved my answer until I am done with my thesis! I will come back in this page of yours to gain more info πŸ™‚

  19. Island hopping really seems to be expensive but there is no doubt, you will surely enjoy the experience. I wish I could also afford island hopping. Maybe someday haha

  20. hi can i ask if its more na makakatipid if i will get a package deal rather than to magbayad ng fee every place na pupuntahan.

  21. Planning to visit Palawan by the end of this year, your blog has been very helpful, a question though, how is the honda bay island tour, how long are you allowed to stay on the island, and what can be done, aside from swimming and snorkeling?

  22. Hi Im planning to visit PP and have UGriver and Honda Bay but i have 5yr old son.Is there any restrictions on age of passengers?
    Thanks : )

  23. Hello i'm Cez. thank for the info. i have some question, is the entrance fee on the islands that you mentioned already included on the rental fee of P1300? we will be traveling on dec 2 ~ 6, how was the weather along that season? thanks!

  24. Hi Cez! You are welcome. The entrance to the islands is not included in the transportation package. We stayed t Snake island because it is Free. πŸ™‚ But the entrance fee to other islands is only minimal around 20 to 25 pesos per person at that time. I am so sorry, I am not in the position to talk about the weather in Palawan during December. With today's climate change, weather during a particular month is harder to predict.

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  26. Hi Traveler, I agree with all the rest. Very informative post (the most informative on the net actually). So thank you. My friends and I are arriving in PPP at 0930 on 8th December and would like to do a custom half day Honda Bay tour. From your post, I understand that this is possible. But how do we get from our accommodation to the port? Should we arrange this in advance, or just try on the day? Will there be a boat available for us if we get there a bit later in the day? Or would they have all been booked up? I would hate to make the long drive only to discover there were no more boats. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

  27. Anyone travelling to palawan on feb 27-march 1? A friend and i are planning to visit honda bay Diy style. Maybe we cud share expenses.

  28. Hi Traveller.., Great blog. Very informative and helpful.
    Ask ko lang how about the 1PM-5PM honda bay tour, ok pa rin ba ito?
    Normally ba mas maalon sa hapon? Or kaya pa rin ng boat ang alon, safe pa rin?

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