DO-IT-YOURSELF: How to Commute From Tagbilaran to Panglao Bohol

DO-IT-YOURSELF: How to Commute from Tagbilaran to Panglao Bohol

Whenever I travel in the country side, I always travel the local way as much as possible. (Sometimes I get lucky because either a family friend or friend of friends offer their car and tour me around for free.) Since it’s my second time in Panglao and since this blog is all about how I travel on a shoestring,  I traveled the local way this time to save money!

From my hotel in Tagbilaran Bohol, I rode a tricycle. I was charged twenty pesos (P 20.00) just to go to the Central Bus Terminal to board a Panglao-bound Bus in Tagbilaran City. That’s just because I have a tripod, camera and a bag. To save more, travel light and the trike driver will charge you P7.00 only. If you are coming from the airport I guess the trike driver will charge you P20.00 also in going to this bus terminal.

How to go to Panglao, Bohol the local way:

1. First, tell the trike driver to bring you near the Tagbilaran old Museum. Located at A. Hontanosas corner E. Rocha Street, Tagbilaran, Bohol.

2. At A. Hontanosas corner E. Rocha Street, Tagbilaran, Bohol, look for the Panglao-bound buses.

3. Make sure that the bus has TAWALA DANAO SIGNAGE, ‘coz if there’s none, then it will not pass by Dumaluan, BBC, Alona Beach. Better ask the driver just to make sure. Better be safe than sorry.

4. Please take note that the fare for locals is only P 25.00/ person.

5. Tell the driver to drop you off at your destination, so you’ll not get lost.

Pros and Cons:
  1. Cheap Fare
  2. You get to interact with and befriend the locals.
  1. Only non-aircon buses. During summer, the weather is humid and hot so bring a fan.
  2. Expect to wait for a couple of minutes or an hour for the bus to be full . The Bus driver won’t leave the terminal unless the bus is full.
Have a Safe and Happy Trip! 

Enjoy the beach take care not to leave any garbage!

God bless your heart!

11 thoughts on “DO-IT-YOURSELF: How to Commute From Tagbilaran to Panglao Bohol

  1. Thanks for sharing this… my hubby and I plan to go to Tagbilaran/Panglao this February and I'm soaking up all the travel tips I can get (first time in Bohol for both of us.) I saw your post at pinoyexchange… ~madmader

  2. Dear Anonymous, thank you too for appreciating my post. I write about my travels, because I wanted to share how beautiful our country is, and how easy it is to navigate the Philippines with little money without compromising one's safety.

  3. I have been to Bohol and lived in Panglao for a year. I promise, the place was great, peaceful and so natural. I wish I could go back there. CDO is also nice.Seems you've been there too. Thanks for posting.

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