We had so much fun in BOHOL last December 2009, that I decided to come back to do underwater photography in Balicasag Island, unfortunately, AIR 21 & the seller of the underwater case, did not able to fulfill its promise of a 1 DAY only delivery and sent the package to my tour guide after I left BOHOL, despite the fact that they were well informed, that I left BOHOL already, I was actually on the phone in Manila with one of the staff of AIR 21 when they deliver my package to my tour guide in BOHOL! Imagine how irresponsible they are! How awful of them to ruin my vacation! hu hu! I really cried out of kabwisitan! But here in the Philippines the 1-800 call center agents won’t even say sorry they are so bopol! It is as if they were a tape recorded message who keeps on repeating to me that they would deliver it, so sabi ko, kelan at saan eh paalis na ako ng BOHOL ( I called them when I was in the airport and were asking where exactly was my package, a very simple question they could not answer!)

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