Tercentenary Fluvial Procession

I was supposed to go to Naga to celebrate with my classmates and friends but I got sick 🙁 hu hu ! I envy my friends who were able to take photographs of Ina during the parade and fluvial procession:-(  have none, my friends just tagged me on FB, so I will be asking permission from them first if it is possible for me to put some of their wonderful pictures here on my blog.

Jojo Prieto my classmate in college gave me permission to use his photos here! Thanks Jojo!


SPECIAL THANK YOU TOO TO ATTY. RENE DE LA CRUZ ( very nice captures here fellow!)

INA KAN PENAFRANCIA photo taken by Atty. Rene De La Cruz
The actual fluvial procession in NAGA CITY taken by Atty. Rene De La Cruz

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